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Jan Brunstedt – Swedish GT Champion 2013

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  • 22. August 2013
JB Motorsport Audi R8 LMS

Following the latest successes in Anderstorp Jan Brunstedt was able to extend his point lead in the drivers championship even further. Therefore Jan Brunstedt is the Swedish GT Champion 2013!

After scoring five wins in the first five races of the year the gap to the opponents is too big to close within the next races.

As there are more races to come this year, the team won’t stop to work as hard as ever. There is still the second spot in the championship to occupy. Christer Lindholm is fighting for it, although he has only participated in three of the events this year. Additionally JB Motorsport is in the points lead in team rankings which is quite surprising as the direct opponents score with two cars each race!

Following read some quotes of the champ:

Question: „The season has been close to a dream so far. Did you expect such an outstanding victorious development and what do you think now being the champion?“

Jan Brunstedt: “ I did not expect such a season! I think it is due to that we have a very experienced team ( all the guys from last year in Blancpain ) we have a great race engineer (Sebastian Crump) and a very good second driver ( Christer Lindholm ) and for sure a very good car. I want to thank all people who have been involved for making this happen!“

Question: „Your new teammate Christer Lindholm was a real boost for the whole team. Will there be more races for him this year?“

Jan Brunstedt: „Right now we try to find an international race to end the season.“

Question: „Although JB Motorsport races only one car the team is close to the team title too. Are you willing to score this title or do you consider it as more difficult as your direct opponent scores with two cars?“

Jan Brunstedt: „For sure we are looking for the team title, too. We have decided to do all we can to get that championship!“

Question: „After that incredible season, what are the plans for the future? Will the fans see JB Motorsport again in 2014 in Swedish GT or maybe somewhere else?“

Jan Brunstedt: „We talked a lot about this now and if we can, we will do some international races next year. At the moment there hasn’t been a decision whether we’ll drive again in Sweden or maybe in international racing.“

Jan Brunstedt - The Champ

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