New year – new challenges


After a long winter and intense preparations of our car, we are ready to race now. For this year we intend to race the Swedish GT Series, two rounds in Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia and a possible guest start in the Blancpain Series at the 1000km event at the famous Nürburgring in September. Therefor we are looking for additional sponsorships at the moment, we will keep you updated considering this event.

The probable calendar will be:

Audi R8 LMS ( Swedish GT )

3 – 4 May: Knutstorp
31 May – 1 June: Mantorp
28 – 29 June: Gothenburg
17 – 18 August: Anderstorp
6 – 7 September: Knutstorp
20 – 21 September: Final round at Mantorp

Audi R8 LMS ( Blancpain Endurance Series )

22 September: Nürburgring

Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia

7 – 8 June: Solvalla
9 – 10 August: Ostersund

Like last year we will supply you with images, results and informations from the recent events!

Merry X-Mas and a happy new year!

All of us would like to thank our fans for the support throughout the whole year and we also want to wish you all a merry X-Mas holiday and a nice new years eve!

We all nee some rest now to get back in good shape and the new plans in the next year!

See you all in 2013!

Night of the champions!

Victory in the final race – successful end of the year!

Our main goal for the weekend was to fight for the race victory, because it was nearly impossible to catch the class leading Sainteloc-Audi, except they wouldn’t finish the race.

The track was new to all of us. We studied the layout with some onboard videos to get a feeling for the base setup of the car. Jan did the first laps of the weekend during the Bronze Test and reported a good handling with a little oversteering.

In the first free practice Daniel and Mikael shared the car. Both of them liked the way the car was behaving, but also reported the oversteering. We changed the setup before pre-qualifying, all three drivers were now happy with the car. We noticed that the temperatures and the track weared the brakes a lot, this would be the key for the race!

During the qualifying we kept our procedure from the last races with Jan beginning, then Mikael and the final run for Daniel. Sadly it started to rain during Q2 which made it impossible to set good laptimes in Q3. But still we started 2nd in Gentlemen-Trophy.

Based on the experiences from the last races we knew that the first stint would be crucial for the success of the race. Therefor we had three main goals: avoid accidents, stay smooth with the brakes but remain a good pace to stay in touch with the leader.

Jan drove the start. Only 30 minutes in the race he noticed first symptoms of a weakend brake. He adopted his driving style to the issue but still was able to gain the lead and increase it to over half a minute against our main rival, a great starting point for Daniel’s second stint!

During his middle stint we expected the rain to come. Daniel was able to lap the Sainteloc Audi, although he stayed smooth on the brakes. As the rain began it was sadly a little too early for the 2nd pitstop, but Daniel did an incredible job to hold the car on track with competitive laptimes in the whole field including the leading cars. He increased the lead constantly. After the Nürburgring another perfect drive from him!

The second pitstop brought Mikael in the car. The stop was perfectly timed, because after returning at the track he just went out in front of the safety car to gain another lap against the Sainteloc car. Mikael drove a clever, well thought race, avoiding all incidents and maintaining a constant lead! After the rain increased our main rival crashed, but was able to return to the race. Anyway this wasn’t the way we wanted to win the title, more in a clean fight, not with a crash! The rain became more and more heavy so the safety car came out. During the next 35 minutes Mikael drove in a long queue behind it till the race was aborted with a red flag!

Resuming the weekend: the performance was great! All drivers did very well under their circumstances. The team didn’t make any mistake although the race was not easy! We are all very happy with the final race win of the season!

Although we missed the title, our debut year in international motorsports was a great and successful experience! We weren’t always that lucky, otherwise the title would have been possible, but we are still proud and encouraged for the continue in gentlemen trophy in 2013. Right now we are working to get the deal to work. We will keep you all uptodate!

Thanks for the support during the whole year!

Next stop: final race of the Blancpain Series in Navarra/Spain

The bags are packed, the truck is fully loaded and freshly cleaned. The Audi R8 LMS is completely overhauled and ready to race!

We will be on the road to Navarra/Spain soon to compete in the final race of the season in this years Blancpain Endurance Championship.

Our three drivers will be as usual Jan Brunstedt, Mikael Bender and Daniel Roos, who also raced the car at the last race at the Nürburgring.

Meanwhile we are preparing our future, young talents need to be furthered! 😉

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